What Is The Best Mulch For Strawberries?

Many people have long loved strawberries because of their delicious taste and high nutritional content. To have a source of clean products, how to grow strawberries at home is very necessary for each person.

Growing strawberries at home is also very simple if you follow these steps. So, what is the best mulch for strawberries? We will take a closer look at the mulch in this article. Let’s discover it right now!

What Is The Best Mulch For Strawberries?

Depending on what ingredients you have available, you can use different types of toppings for strawberries.

Many materials make mulch, such as straw, twigs, bark, leaves, etc. These materials will be crushed, cut into different sizes, and then micro-processed. After the treatment process, it will produce a free coating of pathogens, ventilated and moisture-retaining.

Here are some of the best mulch for strawberries that many farmers often use.

Pine Needles

Perennial woody plants like pine trees and fruit trees will often have a leaf fall season in the year. The amount of leaves falling is very large, so this amount of residue should be used to cover it. The advantage of this material is that it decomposes quickly to provide the soil with a huge amount of organic humus.

Use fallen leaves to cover the base of trees for orchards or coffee and pepper gardens or strawberries. However, it would be best if you were careful not to use cover leaves of diseased plants because they will spread the disease to the covered plants.

Black Plastic Sheeting

Agricultural areas using black pe film to cover the beds are no stranger to many people, especially in rural areas. Agricultural mulch has helped increase economic efficiency stably for strawberry growers.

The black plastic sheeting has a black side that blocks sunlight, causes weed seeds to die in the mulch, and reduces weeding work when the strawberry plants are in the greenhouse and the garden.

Weeds not only compete with mulberry trees for nutrients but also provide shelter for harmful insects. At the same time, weeding is costly and causes root movement, affecting the growth of mulberry trees.

Grass Clippings

Cut grass before flowering and spread evenly on the ground to cover, helping retain moisture very well. To cover the face, use long-leaved, non-flowering grasses such as elephant grass, lemongrass grass, etc. After it has been decomposing, fresh grass provides the soil with a lot of nutrients and is often called green manure.

White Straw

After harvesting rice, there is a large amount of straw leftover, which people should use to cover the land for planting. After collecting the straw, it should be left to dry, then covered on the ground.

This material helps keep the soil moist, reduces weeds for vegetable and fruit gardens, and the decomposition time is slow, so it doesn’t have to be mulched often. After decomposition, it will add an amount of organic matter to loosen the soil.

Why Do We Need Mulch For Strawberries?

Mulching is a method of soil protection that has been applied by many gardeners recently, especially when the trend of changing farming direction from traditional chemical to natural organic is getting much attention.

Covering materials help the soil retain moisture, limit evaporation in the dry season and drain water, cooling the roots in the rainy season. Limit leaching and erosion, increase the soil’s organic content and create a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow. 

Using mulch to cover the soil will help plants grow and develop better, limiting pests. If you use the right mulch when planting strawberries, your strawberries will grow well and harvest more.


This article has helped you answer the question “What is the best mulch for strawberries?”. You can use many plants to mulch the soil when growing strawberries. We believe that your mulberry tree will be more productive with just a few tips.

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