How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden Without A Fence-Some Most Effective Ways

Many gardeners have problems with bunnies because of their large population and destruction. Your plants will certainly be destroyed when rabbits eat them. Especially when the garden is your main income, it will threaten your family’s life equality.

It will be fine if your yard already has a fence to protect plants from pests. But what can you do when you don’t have a fence? Keep on reading to learn how to keep rabbits out of garden without a fence.

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden Without A Fence?

Rabbit Repellent

Rabbits have a very sensitive sense of smell; they sniff a lot, so you can use this feature to protect your plants from them. You can use chemical repellents on plants and soil in your garden, creating an odor smell that they dislike. However, this may destroy your garden and make your plant inedible.

Thus, you can choose natural repellents like onion, garlic, or blood to keep them away. Although this method can be applied quickly, it is the earliest method. Besides, they don’t harm humans and bunnies; they simply make them stay away from your yard.

Rabbits repellents

Include plants Don’t Attract rabbits

Aside from some plants that rabbits like, we still have many kinds that keep them away. You can choose poisonous plants for rabbits like tomatoes, eggplant, daffodils, and avocados. This method will prevent rabbits from your yard for a long time.

If you don’t want to harm rabbits, you can choose other plants that simply repel them, including wax begonias, geraniums, mint, or catnip. However, these plants won’t work effectively for a long period. Bunnies are accustomed to these plants, especially when they are extremely hungry.

Use Predators

A place where numerous rabbits exist will attract predators like snakes, owls, or foxes. These wild predators don’t threaten humans or the plants in the garden, so we don’t need to chase them away.

Nevertheless, their existence will properly help you solve your current problem relating to this furry pest. Besides, if you are afraid of these predators, you can use deterrents like an owl statue or a plastic snake.

 Remember to stick these deterrents to some moving stuff to increase the potential of warding rabbits off your garden. A pinwheel is also a great option for you to keep them at bay.

You can also take advantage of your pets like dogs or cats because they can frighten this furry pest. Sometimes, letting your pets play in your garden may make bunnies know this is not a safe place.

Deterrents in the garden

Reduce Likelihood Of Rabbit’s Nest

Female rabbits can have up to 10 babies in each litter, so if your garden has a rabbit’s nest, your plant will be destroyed for sure. When you find a nest, try removing it and blocking it off to prevent them from returning.

It’s important to clean your garden to reduce the probability of a rabbit’s nest. You need to remove shrubbery branches, debris piles, or any place that provides a comfortable shelter for them.

Besides, if your garden has an ideal place for bunnies to hide predators, the method of using predators we mentioned above will be completely useless.

Rabbits’ nest

Ultrasonic Rabbits Repeller

Using an ultrasonic repeller is not only effective but also humane. Aside from bunnies, this method can ward off pests, including mice, skunks, or rodents. Fortunately, only pests can hear this sound; it is inaudible to humans so that you won’t be disturbed.

Additionally, it won’t harm the rabbits; it’s why we say this is a humane method. It simply deters them from your yard.

Why Should You Scare Rabbits Away?

It is wrong to think these furry pests are harmless cute animals because of their lovely appearance. When they go to your garden, your plants will certainly be destroyed because they like nibbling many kinds of plants.

In each litter, more than ten bunnies will be born. Thus, these bunnies will eat all your plants, which leads to an infestation of your garden.


Although having a fence is the best way to protect your garden from rabbits, this article has successfully shown you how to keep rabbits out of garden without a fence. Aside from building a fence, you can use odor repellents or ultrasonic ones to keep them at bay.

Moreover, using predators or including some plants they don’t like are other effective ways. Don’t forget to clean your garden to minimize the likelihood of rabbits’ nests.

Thanks for your reading; we will see you soon!

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