Street Food In Guatemala: Paradise For Curious Eaters

Guatemala is famous for its beautiful tourism destinations with spectacular landscapes and breathtaking mountain views. Besides, it is also an attractive place for the most curious eaters, as they can satisfy their passion.

In this article, we will prepare a street food in Guatemala tour for you to enjoy the amazing cuisine of this beautiful country.


This Guatemala traditional dish is made of ball corn dough and meat such as chicken or pork inside. However, its name – Chuchitos – means “little dog” in English. It sounds cute and interesting, right?

It is flavorful, thanks to the chili and tomato sauce. Grated cheese is an additional ingredient to make the dish more attractive and yummy.

Besides, it is served with avocado and repollo to balance the taste. Visiting Guatemala, you can find chuchitos on every corner of the streets or market.

Rellenitos – The Most Favorite Street Food In Guatemala

If you are a chocolate lover, you cannot miss rellenitos – a popular chocolate-flavor dessert in Guatemala. It is a plantain made of crushed banana, egg, beans, and powders, including cacao, cinnamon, etc.

The mixture is shaped like eggs, then fried until their skin turns brown. They will be covered with a thin layer of honey or sugar. As a result, it is a perfectly sweet dessert that receives love from both Guatemalans and tourists.

You can enjoy this street food in Guatemala with handy sizes while walking and admiring the city. So tasty and joyful it is!


Tostadas is a Guatemalan taco with a crispy shell and fresh toppings. This dish contains beef or chicken, avocado or beetroot, tomato sauce, and cheese. However, you can also find tostadas with guacamole, beans, and salsa.

This street food is considered snacks or appetizers in this central American country. Thanks to the flavorful taste and affordable price, it is always the top choice in the festivals here.

Chiles Rellenos

Chiles Rellenos appears in Guatemalan dinners. In English, Chiles Rellenos means stuffed pepper as how people make it.

Guatemalans usually use poblano pepper which is hot and spicy combined with a sweet taste remaining at the end. Also, this type of chile offers juicy and fresh vibes to the dish.

Besides, they can also use Anaheim peppers which are mildly spicy, or jalapeño peppers which enhance the hotness of this street food in Guatemala.

The chief will stuff Queso Oaxaca, Monterey Jack, or Mozzarella cheese inside the pepper. The outer peppers are covered with egg batter. After the frying process, the peppers are crunchy outside and cheese inside.

Guatemalans enjoy Chiles Rellenos with salsa ranchera, some fresh lettuces, stew beans, and some bread.

Guatemalan Tacos

When mentioning Mexican cuisine, tacos are the most popular dish among people worldwide. Guatemalans also have their tacos which are different from the Mexican version.

Guatemalan tacos own deep-fried tacos for a crispy coat. Meanwhile, the toppings are soft and juicy with meat or potato for vegan/vegetarians.

People eat this street food with chili sauce, tomato sauce, and steamed cabbage. The chef will add avocado, cheese, or chopped parsley to your handy dish if you want.


Guatemala shares the same border with Mexico, leading to their similar cuisine. However, this central American country also owns its typical flavors worth tasting in your life.

The above list of street food in Guatemala introduces you to this beautiful country’s most traditional and popular dishes. You can explore their amazing cuisine with us in the upcoming articles. Let’s go.

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