When Traveling Behind A Motorcycle – What Should You Do?

Motorcycles are the most popular means of transport today because of rising fuel prices. The number of accidents from motorbikes and cars also accounts for the highest percentage. One of the causes of accidents is because the driver does not know the skills of safe motorbike driving.

This article will show a safe distance and what you should do when traveling behind a motorbike. If you follow those principles, you can reduce the number of accidents.

What Is The Safe Distance When Traveling Behind A Motorcycle?

The common rule in Louisiana when it comes to being a safe driver is the two-second rule. The consensus among drivers on the road is that if you speed up and get to your destination about two seconds after another car is at the same spot, you abide by safe driving practices.

It is slightly different when it comes to traveling behind a motorcycle. In this case, you should follow the four-second rule, which means the space between your car and motorcycle is four seconds.

when traveling behind a motorbike

You need to follow this rule because of some reason. Motorcyclists tend to avoid braking unless there’s absolutely no way of avoiding a collision. It is because braking is safer for this type of vehicle than those with four wheels (which may still skid on a slippery surface).

Using the brakes might make it harder for those in other vehicles to realize you’re slowing down, so if they aren’t paying attention, they might not be ready when you try to decelerate.

Moreover, motorcycle mirrors come in a unique shape that can mislead riders. The distance between in the mirror may be different. Many motorcyclists are uncertain of how far away an oncoming vehicle is when they watch behind them. This uncertainty is compounded when the rider decides whether or not to slow down or change lanes.

What Should We Do When Traveling Behind A Motorcycle?

There are a couple of things you need to follow when you travel behind a motorcycle.

Always Check Your Blind Spots

A car’s blind spots are spaces for the driver to see, either directly or via the rearview mirror. It is a very dangerous factor, causing many difficulties for drivers when controlling vehicles on the road, especially in situations where it is necessary to change lanes, change direction, turn around, reverse parking, etc.

If you do not pay careful attention, blind spots easily cause crashes, collisions, even serious accidents. Motorcycles are usually small in shape and will be easily blurred when you look through the rearview mirror. Therefore, you need to observe and find blind spots to avoid causing accidents with motorbikes.

Be Careful When Passing

The most important thing when you want to overtake a motorcycle is to obey the traffic laws. Before passing, cars must signal to pass by horn or light. When passing, you must pass to the left side of the motorcycle.

Before passing, the driver needs to turn on the turn signal, honk the horn or flash the headlights to signal to the vehicle ahead. Do not pass immediately after giving the signal, but wait a few seconds to make sure the motorcycle has received the signal and see their response.

Check The Weather

Driving in bad weather or at night is very dangerous, so drivers need to provide the necessary experience to have safe trips. Motorcyclists will face more inconveniences such as difficulty moving and obstructing vision.

Therefore, you should go slowly and control your speed when driving behind a motorcycle.

Be In One Lane

According to traffic laws, you should only travel in one lane. Motorcycles and cars must not be in the same lane and close to each other to avoid accidents.

Inform When Turning

Normally, to ensure the safety of vehicle drivers and other road users, for motorbikes and motorbikes, it is necessary to turn on the turn signal at a distance of 10 to 15 meters from the turn or stop.

The turn signal should be about 30 meters away from the turn for cars. It is considered a safe distance to avoid accidents and minimize traffic jams.


It is very important to observe a safe distance and basic rules when participating in traffic. In particular, when traveling behind a motorbike, those rules will help you avoid any accidents and create a civilized environment when driving on the road.

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