What Is Best Part Of Grand Canyon To Visit Among The Four?

Grand Canyon is one of the biggest canyons on a worldwide scale. It is a natural park laid in Northern Arizona, The United States, attracting millions of tourists each year thanks to its wild and spectacular picturesque.

Visiting this Arizona Natural Park, you can experience the beauty of nature with vertical cliffs, spring flowers, ancient imprints, stunning waterfalls, and other amazing wonders.

So, what is best part of Grand Canyon to visit? Let’s explore this mystery and wild destination with us!

What Is Best Part Of Grand Canyon To Visit?

South Rim

Thanks to its beauty and tourism development, the North rim is considered the best part of the Grand Canyon.

If you start your journey from Las Vegas or Phoenix, it takes about 6 hours of driving to reach the South rim of The Grand Canyon. This is the most visited place in the National Park, welcoming about 5 million people each year.

Coming to this area, you can enjoy the well-designed hotels such as El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge, Maswik Lodge, Kachina, Thunderbird Lodges, and Yavapai Lodge.

There are dozens of destinations that allow viewing the Colorado River meandering the mountains in the heart of this National Park. Mather Point, Yaki Point, and Desert View are tourists’ favorites.

You can choose a jeep tour or a hiking tour to reach these viewpoints. The helicopter tour is also available to enjoy the captivating wildness of the Grand Canyon.

West Rim

The West Rim doesn’t belong to the Grand Canyon National Park. It is under the management of the Hualapai Indian Tribal. Hence, the entrance fee to the National Park is not available here.

The most attractive destination of the Grand Canyon West is the Glass Skywalk (also called glass balcony/floor) which is 300m high (~984 feet). From the bridge, you can challenge your courage and feel nature fully.

You can also book a tour to Havasu Falls – the modern-day Garden of Eden. You need to pass the desert and camp about 5-mile away from the falls.

Visiting Havasu Falls with children and the elderly is not recommended due to the rough and long trekking routes.

East Rim

East Rim welcomes fewer visitors than other parts of the Grand Canyon because the National Park hasn’t designed many tourism destinations here. The most famous sites in this eastern area are Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.

While the former destination challenges visitors to trek to 1,000-foot viewpoints, the latter is easy to access within 15 minutes of driving from the Page – a city in Arizona. Both sites are the rave with many professional photographers.

However, East Rim has more beautiful places to explore, such as Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Desert View Watchtower, Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, etc.

North Rim

The North Rim is where you can enjoy the cool weather, the quiet area, and breathtaking viewpoints.

Although you cannot admire the Colorado River from the 1000-foot height, you will have many unique experiences that you never find on other rims of the Grand Canyon.

It offers perfect views of Toroweap with the volcanic cinder cones and lava flows, Point Sublime with the ochre cliffs and Tarn’s emerald waters, and Cape Royal with Angels Window.

Every dawn, you can admire the rising sun across Mount Hayden, listen to the evocative song of a wren in the air, and enjoy the brisk forest air.

Following the Bright Angel Point from the North Rim, you can behold the beautiful and distinctive canyon buttes and rock temples, which become more sparkling and peaceful at sunset and sunrise.


What is best part of Grand Canyon to visit? It’s hard to answer. Each rim boasts different beauty that you will regret if missing any of them.

The South Rim offers dozens of spectacular views of the Grand Canyon center with numerous attractive tourism destinations. Meanwhile, the Northern area gives you a refreshing and striking experience of the highlands.

The West attracts millions of tourists with its world-famous blue-green waterfalls, while the East is well-known with two Instafamous sites.

If you want to explore the beauty of nature in various landscapes, follow us for more!

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