How To Travel With A Hedgehog: Things To Pack

Hedgehogs, when properly taught, are adorable and affectionate creatures. People prefer hedgehogs above other animals because they are not stinky and make nearly no noises.

However, bringing your hedgehog along on your car vacations is not an easy task at all. If you are looking for a guideline on how to travel with a hedgehog properly, this blog is for you! Scroll down!

How To Travel With A Hedgehog: What You Should Bring?

Here are a few things you should pack before starting any adventure.

Travel Carrier

When going on a road trip, you should never put your hedgehog in a container, a plastic bucket, on your lap, or a soft pouch. If you keep your hedgehog’s usual care in the exact same way, it would be the most comfortable. In this case, a travel carrier will be the best solution.

The travel carrier for your hedgehog should be smaller than its normal habitat. This will make your little one feel safe and relaxed. Moreover, the carrier you bring must be solid and secure. Anything that is made from hard plastics and sturdy metal frames is an excellent choice.

These carriers are also helpful because they give your hedgehog some space and privacy in his bunker. Nevertheless, a smaller travel carrier will reduce the danger of injury since a larger cage may cause your hedgehog to be tossed around.

Extra Bedding

Hedgehogs can get motion sick as well. Sometimes, they might even pee or take a dump in their carrier, particularly if they’re scared.

It’s better to have some additional bedding available so you can swap out the stained one and avoid your pet having dung all over himself.

If you don’t have any bedding near you, make use of paper towels, old blankets, or newspapers.

Wet Wipes

Together with the extra bedding, you will need something to clean up the mess that your hedgehog just made. If their poop got splattered on the carrier, wet wipes or baby wipes would help clean that up.

Since hedgehogs frequently need to go out throughout the day to go to the potty, remember to let them make a pit stop. You can also use these wet wipes to clean their feet after that.

Food, Snacks, And Water

It is not advisable to bring food or water with you on a road trip. Hedgehogs don’t usually need to eat or drink anything for the whole day. So, only bring enough food and snack to feed your pet if the drive is longer than 3 hours.

Water bottles might make your hedgehog wet if they leak or spill in the car, making a damp mess in the car. However, you can still give your hedgie a drink during pauses.


As some hedgehogs might be sensitive to temperature, keep an eye on the temperature of the carrier during the drive. Even though it isn’t obligatory, it’s still something to be mindful of.

Blankets Or Hand Warmers

You won’t need any blanket or hand warmer in the summer. However, if you are traveling at other times of the year, make sure to bring some with you.

If the temperature decreases during the ride and makes your little friend seem cold, snuggle or cover them in a blanket or hand warmer to help them feel warm and comfortable again.


As stated above, your hedgehog will feel most relaxed if they have the same routine at home. So, it’s better to bring his usual toys. You don’t have to carry all of them – One or two in the carrier can help make things feel more at ease.


A little road trip can help you tighten the relationship with your little friend. Taking your hedgehog on a drive is a little more difficult than other animals. Yet, once you know how to travel with a hedgehog, you may enjoy joyful journeys and create lasting memories!

George Morgan
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