What Energy Drinks Are Vegan – A Great Piece For Vegetarian

Energy drinks are a famous beverage that most people love, but vegetarians need to consider them carefully before taking them. Many drinks are made from animal-based ingredients, which makes it impossible for vegetarians.

But there are other beverages made for vegans. Thus, keep on reading to figure out what energy drinks are cruelty-free.

Are Energy Drinks Vegan?

Energy drinks are mostly made from caffeine, taurine, and sweeteners, and most of them are considered not to be vegan. However, many brands are meant for vegetarians, while the others are not because they have some additives relating to animals like honey or milk.

Besides, numerous energy beverages use synthetic and plant-based ingredients, making them suitable for vegans.

What Energy Drinks Are Vegan?


Boost is made from caffeine, sugar, taurine, and sweetener like other energy drinks. These ingredients may make you concerned about the sugar source and the taurine.

However, the brand has confirmed that their products are available for vegetarians and the ingredients are completely synthetic and animal-free. 


Emerge is an energy drink made from taurine,  B vitamin, caffeine, and sweetener. Although their ingredients make you concerned, the official website of thís drink has stated that all their products are vegan.

They produce various drinks, including Emerge Dual Sugar-Free, if you want to lose weight or reduce the sugar content in your diet. Besides, they also have other flavors like Emerge Flavored, Juicy Berry, and Emerge Dual.

Red Bull

As a famous energy brand worldwide with a wide range of customers, Red Bull can cater to vegetarians. Aside from some products for people in general, they produce some vegan flavors to reach more customers.

Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine and high sugar content, which gives you enough energy boost. However, it is still harmful if you use this drink too many times a week because of its high sugar content.

Like Monster, Red Bull has a downside with an artificial color that is extremely bad for health. In case you don’t want your drink to have too much artificial substance, you can choose the organic line of Red Bull.


The ingredients of Lucozade are pretty simple than other drinks, which are sweeteners, sugar, and a necessary one for most energy beverages – caffeine.

As you can say, these additives are vegan because they aren’t derived from animals. Moreover, the official website has certified that all products are favorable for vegetarians.

However, some vegans should consider carefully when they want to use this flavor for an energy boost in the long term. The sugar content in this drink is high, which may affect your health significantly if you drink it for a long time.


Even though Monster is made from taurine, it is stated to be vegan and suitable for vegetarians. We usually find taurine in meat, but there is still artificial taurine. Additionally, many other energy flavors like Red Bull and Rockstar have claimed that their taurine is vegan.

Nevertheless, Monster still has some exceptionals; not all products are vegan. For instance, Java Monster is a flavor from Monster, but it is not vegan since it is made from milk.


Reize is a vegan flavor with a caffeine content of 50 mg, and it is sugar-free. Reize is nearly perfect because it doesn’t contain sugar, and its caffeine grade is acceptable.

Besides, the company doesn’t use cans to contain the drink; it uses 4g sachets, making it convenient for users to bring along wherever they go.


If you are a vegetarian and want to find some energy drinks well-suited for you, relentless is a good option. The additives of this beverage are animal-free, including guarana, taurine, caffeine, B vitamins, and sugar. Therefore, feel free to drink it.

The caffeine content of Relentless is significant; a 500 ml can contain 160 mg of caffeine. Thus, this is not a wise choice for low caffeine tolerance. Furthermore, its high sugar content also negatively impacts your health if you drink it regularly. 


Rockstar is a famous energy drink brand because it has many customers, including vegetarians. Although it is made from plenty of ingredients like milk thistle, caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba, and sugar, they claim to be animal-free and suitable for vegans.

The limit sugar for men is 36g, and for women is 25g. However, the sugar content of a Rockstar can is 24g, which is almost the same as the women’s sugar limit. Rockstar contains too much sugar that can affect your health, so you should use it often when you need an energy boost.


Finally, we managed to discover what energy drinks are vegan. Most vegan energy beverages are made from artificial taurine. However, their caffeine and sugar content may affect your health. Among the energy drinks mentioned above, Reize is a zero-sugar drink, healthier than the others.

Thanks for your reading; we will see you soon!

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