How To Install Bubble Levels On A Travel Trailer – Detailed Guide

Installation of bubble levels for the rear on a travel trailer can be tricky and frustrating. You want to make sure that the trailer is level in all directions, especially front-to-back, as this will help reduce sway. Please check out this post on how to install bubble levels on a travel trailer to ensure you have the trailer leveled front-to-back.

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How To Install Bubble Levels On A Travel Trailer?

Perhaps you’ve heard of bubble levels, or perhaps you haven’t. These are useful because they may be attached to your car with a tiny amount of weight and then reliably measure levelness in the directions up and down, front and back, and side-to-side at any angle.

Go And Get A Bubble Level

Balancing a recreational vehicle should begin with you purchasing two RV bubble levels. One of the most critical components of RV leveling is ensuring that everything is as perfectly positioned as possible before driving out on the open road.

Although it might be a difficult chore to do, there are various ways you can employ to make things simpler for yourself. Installing an adjustable leveler under your tires or wheels may be precisely what you need for both longitudinal (front to back) and latitudinal (side to side) leveling!

Find A Balance Camp Landing

When you get to the campsite, there are two techniques to remember to ensure that your RV is positioned in an even place. First, double-check both bubble levels on your rig. You may consider carrying a carpenter’s level, so why not?

If they appear out of alignment, consider purchasing an adjustable wrench or a bubble level. There should be no need to shift to a new campground simply because it is unreasonably uneven—after all, there is a simple cure for everything!

Make Use of Leveling Blocks

Place leveling blocks beneath your RV tires before unhitching for more pleasant driving. To avoid tire damage, ensure that the RV is centered on the leveler (not leaning in any direction while parked) and that both tires are securely seated on blocks.

It is critical to keep your RV from drooping unevenly and putting excessive strain on the wheels due to road conditions. Allow lots of time to do this correctly if necessary! Remember that it’s always better to take a few extra minutes while on the road than risk an accident and further hurting your vehicle or other drivers!

Leveling with Jacks

To be safe, after your RV is on the launch pad and secured down, you may wish to chock beneath the wheels. Next, you’ll level your RV from front to rear utilizing the power leveling system.

Lay down some stabilizer jacks capable of carrying significant weight to protect yourself from excessive shaking or bouncing about in your sleeping quarters or near your dining table.


No one can blame you for being concerned about putting bubble level in the back of your travel trailer. But let’s take care of the problem and get it done perfectly the first time so that you can enjoy life on the road. This post shows you how to install bubble levels on a travel trailer step by step. With these simple instructions, you’ll be able to set up your trailer every time and be confident that it’s exactly level.

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