The Ideal Answer To Why Energy Drinks Make Me Pee

Energy drinks are probably the favorite drinks of many ages, from adults to children. Using this type of water helps to make them feel healthier and more refreshed.

But when they drink a lot, they often feel the urge to pee. Therefore, many people often ask “Why do energy drinks make me pee?”. The answer will be available shortly.

Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Pee?

The feeling of needing to urinate frequently when you drink is usually due to some of the following reasons:

  • The simplest reason is that when you drink a large amount of water, your body will absorb it and expel it as urine.
  • The second cause is caffeine. It often contains a certain amount of caffeine. This is a substance with a mild diuretic effect. When used in large quantities, it stimulates this process. But according to the announcement of many manufacturers, the amount of caffeine contained in the product ingredients is less than a cup of coffee. Therefore, the cause of the problem is not limited to caffeine but several other ingredients.
  • The third cause can come from hidden caffeine. This amount of caffeine comes from ingredients of natural origin, so it is often not listed by manufacturers, such as cocoa, guarana, etc.
  • The last main cause is sugar, and these drinks often have a lot of sugar. For a person with diabetes, this is quite a dangerous thing. It causes the patient’s blood sugar to rise suddenly, leading to urination. If this is the case, you need to contact a medical center to control sugar safely.

Here are some basic reasons you always feel like going to the toilet after drinking large amounts of it.

How To Overcome The Symptoms Of Needing To Urinate When Using Energy Drinks?

To limit this feeling, you need to limit the use of caffeine-containing products and perform pelvic floor exercises. The famous exercise method, in this case, is the Kegel exercise.

When you do Kegel exercises, your pelvic floor muscles will be strengthened to help hold the bladder effectively. This creates a connection between the brain and the bladder through the communication system.


Does 5-Hour Energy Make You Pee A Lot?

Yes. Because the composition of 5-Hour Energy contains caffeine which stimulates your bladder. Many studies suggest that consuming too much caffeine can increase your risk of urinary incontinence. To limit this risk, you should only use this product 2 times a day to ensure health.

If you use too much, it will lead to the following risks:

  • Making the heartbeat faster easily causes cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Dehydration can easily cause kidney stones because the bladder has to work too hard.
  • Causes obesity and diabetes due to high sugar.
  • Affects mental health causing excessive excitement and many other dangerous diseases.

 If you have used it a lot, you should not drink any more tea or coffee to ensure your health and safety.

Who Should Not Drink Energy Drinks?

Not everyone can afford it. People who need to avoid such as children, the elderly, people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, pregnant and lactating women, people allergic to caffeine, obesity, asthma, etc.


Through the above article, you can probably know the answer to “Why do energy drinks make me pee?” are caffeine, water, and some other additives.

In general, no single type of it is good for the body. It would be best not to abuse it to make your body healthier.

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