How Coconut Oil Affects Your Skin And Why It Is A Great Way To Lighten Skin

Coconut oil is a natural and organic product that is considered as one of the safest skin lightening products. It has been in use for centuries and it has been used as a remedy for many skin problems, including acne, wrinkles, dark spots and dry skin.

It is made up of healthy fats that help to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It also helps in removing dead cells from the surface of the body. Coconut oil can be applied directly on the face or all over the body to get rid of dark spots, blemishes and scars.

The benefits are not only limited to just lightening your skin tone but it also helps in maintaining a smooth complexion by keeping your pores clean.

Coconut Oil Skin Benefits: 10 Scientifically Proven Skin Care Benefits of Coconut Oil

One cooking oil that is gaining popularity is coconut oil.

Many people laud it for its potential for weight loss, antibacterial and antioxidant effects, enhanced skin and mouth health, and other health advantages.

Here are 10 coconut oil health advantages supported by research, along with some special things to think about if you decide to use it in your diet.

1. It could support fat burning

According to research, taking MCTs, a type of saturated fat found in coconut oil, may increase the number of calories you burn. It’s yet unknown, though, if coconut oil in and of itself has this impact.

2. It could serve as an instant energy source

MCTs, which your body metabolizes differently than LCTs, are abundant in coconut oil. Your body can absorb and use MCTs as an energy source quickly compared to other forms of saturated fat.

3. It could have antibacterial properties

Coconut oil’s lauric acid may have antibacterial characteristics that are effective against several dangerous pathogens.

4. It could aid in decreasing hunger

MCTs may aid in weight loss by reducing hunger. Evidence, however, indicates that coconut oil may not always have the same impact.

5. It could lessen seizure activity

The MCTs in coconut oil may raise blood ketone levels, which could lower the frequency of seizures.

6. It could improve skin health

Coconut oil may hydrate your skin and enhance skin barrier performance.

7. It could shield your hair

By enhancing flexibility and lowering strand breakage, coconut oil may strengthen your hair.

8. It could enhance dental health

Because of its high lauric acid concentration, coconut oil can be a reasonably priced solution to enhance oral health.

9. It could lessen Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

Coconut oil may aid with Alzheimer’s disease symptoms since it is high in MCTs, which considerably raise blood levels of ketones. However, more research is required.

10. It could be a good source of antioxidants

Antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and brain-protective properties, are abundant in coconut oil.

Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine in These 11 Ways

1. Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair, and Nails

You can easily include coconut oil, a fantastic natural product, into your regular beauty routine in a number of ways. Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil not only moisturizes the skin well but also makes it more elastic, making it potentially anti-aging. Vitamin E in particular, which is abundant in antioxidants in coconut oil, implies that it can shield skin from environmental harm like sun damage. Lauric acid, another component of coconut oil, has antibacterial capabilities and can help combat bacteria that cause acne.

If you’ve never seen or used coconut oil, the phrase “oil” may be deceptive. Until it reaches a temperature close to that of the body, this “oil” is actually a solid. When kept at a usual indoor temperature, it will have a consistency similar to culinary shortening. On hot summer days, it melts to resemble ordinary oil. But as soon as you apply it, it immediately absorbs into your skin.

Coconut oil is widely accessible and reasonably priced. Coconut oil has grown in popularity as more individuals explore for natural beauty products. When it comes to your cosmetic routine, there are a lot of methods to use this product.

2. Exceptional Hair Conditioner

You may use coconut oil as a fantastic hair conditioner. As an alternative to using it every day, you can choose to use it as a special deep conditioning treatment. After using your usual conditioner, apply this and let it sit on your hair for up to 10 minutes. It will leave your hair silky smooth once you wash it out. Try this first on a weekend or a day when you don’t have to leave right away because it can be difficult to get all the coconut oil out of your hair. You’ll enjoy the advantages as soon as you learn the finest method for removing coconut oil from your hair and the proper dosage.

3. Replace eye cream with coconut oil

Coconut oil makes an excellent eye cream because it is so hydrating. Applying a tiny bit around the eyes will maintain the skin’s moisture and help to reduce any fine wrinkles brought on by skin dehydration there. Make careful, however, that you avoid getting any coconut oil in your eyes.

4. Apply coconut oil to your face for moisturization

Use coconut oil instead of your existing facial moisturizer for nourished, healthy-looking skin. Apply a tiny quantity to your face each night before sleeping. Keep in mind that while coconut oil will initially sit on top of your skin, it will gradually absorb. You can also apply it to other areas of your body, such your elbows, knees, or heels, if you have a lot of dry, flaky skin. When moisturizing with coconut oil, a little bit goes a long way.

5. Make Your Cuticles Softer

Try treating your cuticles with coconut oil if they are rough and dry. So that you can push them back with a manicure stick or apply a cuticle remover on them, this should make them soft and manageable. If you use a chemical cuticle remover, don’t forget to hydrate your cuticles afterwards with some additional coconut oil. Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature but liquid at skin temperature, you can fill a tiny tub or jar with it and keep it with your manicure supplies so you may use it every time you do your nails.

6. Use it to clean your face

Even washing your face with coconut oil is an option! Because it is so mild, coconut oil won’t clog your pores. If you have oily skin, washing your face with an oil could seem intimidating, but coconut oil is an excellent solution to use on skin that is prone to acne. Try it out and see whether it benefits your skin and you. This method is praised by many people.

7. Coconut Oil is effective as a shaving cream

Try using coconut oil as a substitute if you have sensitive skin or can’t tolerate the chemicals in shaving creams and gels. While you shave, the coconut oil will keep your skin protected. It will also leave the region so hydrated that you may not need lotion when you get out of the shower.

8. Use coconut oil to hydrate your lips

Try applying some coconut oil to dry, chapped lips to promote immediate healing and relief since it functions effectively as a moisturizer elsewhere on the body. Sugar can also be added to exfoliate your lips in this manner. To have soft, healthy lips when you wake up, use some of the oil the night before you go to sleep.

9. Use coconut oil to make a foot scrub

You can make a fantastic foot scrub by mixing coconut oil with sugar or coarse salt (Mix with a spoon in a bowl so that the heat from your hands doesn’t immediately melt the oil). Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient for a foot scrub because it has anti-fungal properties. Additionally, the salt or sugar will smooth out any rough places on your feet. Any calluses on your foot will soften thanks to the coconut oil.

10. Get Rid of the Frizzies

Use a tiny quantity of coconut oil to smooth frizzy, flyaway hairs back into place if you have this problem!

11. Use coconut oil to treat acne

Since coconut oil has anti-bacterial characteristics, it may work wonders for some people in the treatment of acne. To make a very mild acne exfoliating scrub, use coconut oil and baking soda. To eliminate dead skin cells and treat acne, apply to the skin and gently rub in circular motions. Drain and pat yourself dry. The oil’s anti-bacterial characteristics will aid in the battle against acne-causing germs and also help to stop new outbreaks from occurring.

Is Coconut Oil Skin Lightening – Yes or No?

Yes, coconut oil does brighten skin, if that is what you’re wondering. Because of its advantages for protecting your attractiveness, it functions as a natural sunscreen. Applying it on your skin before going outside in the sun will help protect your skin naturally. So your skin seems light and delicate in the mirror when you go home. Additionally, coconut oil is a fantastic nighttime moisturizer for the skin.

Because coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating, it works wonders to condition the skin and give it a slight glow. It means that numerous skin illnesses can be controlled by coconut oil, and it can also stop the development of skin imperfections like acne that result from such infections. Whatever the cause, coconut oil can actually work wonders for your skin, without having any harmful affects on your skin or health. For instance, it can get rid of dark spots on your face, inner thighs, or armpits, as well as whiten your entire body.

Coconut Oil For Skin: The Best Type

Being the least processed and retaining the most nutrients, organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil is the best kind of coconut oil for skin. Avoid purchasing the more processed versions made primarily for food when applying coconut oil on your face. It could work well for cooking, but it’s not the best for your face.

How Should Coconut Oil Be Applied To Your Face Overnight?

Similar to how you would apply any night cream, apply coconut oil to your face.


  1. By gently massaging 1 tablespoon of coconut oil between your palms, it will become liquefied.
    A silky, airy texture will be present in the liquefied oil.
  2. Apply to your neck and face. Additionally, you can apply coconut oil to your chest and other dry body parts.
  3. Use a soft tissue to carefully wipe away any thick residue. Use paper towels instead since cotton balls will stick to the oil on your face.
  4. Overnight, apply some coconut oil on your skin in a thin layer.
  5. Avoid getting coconut oil in your eyes because it could momentarily impair your vision.
  6. If you’re short on time, coconut oil can double as a makeup wipe before being applied as a night cream. Simply repeat these actions twice. Use once to lightly remove your makeup and once to leave your skin with a light coating.

Some individuals favor using coconut oil as an irregular or weekly emollient overnight treatment.

You might want to try using coconut oil as a spot treatment around your eyes or on dry skin spots if you have combination or oily skin.

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