How To Stop Facial Hair Growth Male Naturally? – Best Effective Suggestions

Not too long ago, many people could not find a way to stop facial hair progress for men efficiently. Too much growth in facial hair can be hard on nearly everyone, regardless of gender.

Luckily, there are now many different ways that allow men to have complete control over this issue and hinder growth altogether.

How to stop facial hair growth male naturally? Keep reading, and you will get some most effective methods.

Why Does Facial Hair Grow?

The growth of facial hair in males is greatly influenced by a type of hormone known as testosterone.

Males are born with a set amount of testosterone that varies from individual to individual based on their genes. The amount can fluctuate up until the middle of their 20s when it generally begins its decline.

In men between 19-38, the normal range of circulating testosterone falls between 264-916 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

Some men have slower beard growth. One study found that genetics likely play a large role in this. If you fall into this group and want faster beard growth, supplements may help.

However, suppose you are outside of that group. In that case, supplements will probably be ineffective as it has been found that genetic factors affect both the capacity for facial hair to grow and the speed at which it develops.

How To Stop Facial Hair Growth Male Naturally?

Bear in mind that the effectiveness will vary from person to person because everyone’s skin is different and requires different care types in order to choose the right regimen for your skin. Use natural ingredients that won’t do any damage to your hair.

Honey & Sugar

The mixture of honey and sugar effectively removes hair on your face without harming your skin.

You have to combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and sugar with 8 or 9 spoons of water. Boil that mixture until you see bubbles gradually appearing in your pot and after that, let it cool.

The lactic acid and citric acid in the lemon juice can naturally lighten the skin tone. Sugar acts as an exfoliant, lifting hairs off of the skin, leaving behind a smooth surface that’s completely hairless.

It’s especially beneficial for sensitive skin since the wax sometimes has additives that can cause further damage to irritable, easily inflamed areas of the body.

To remove facial hair with this mixture, you only need to apply it over the affected areas using a spatula and keep it for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water in a circular motion.

The facial hair on your skin will grow slowly.

Gram Flour & Rose Water

Make your beauty mask by combining gram flour with rose water. Rosewater has great exfoliating properties, and when mixed with the insolubility of gram flour, it helps inhibit hair growth.

Mix two tablespoons of gram flour, two tablespoons of rose water, and one tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to form a paste and apply the mixture to your face, let it dry completely before rubbing it off with your fingers.

You should repeat this process three to four times per week for the best results.

Egg with Cornstarch

One of the best ways to get rid of thick facial hair and exfoliate your skin at home is using an egg white mask. Adding a little bit of cornstarch will make your face feel cleaner and softer.

To make this egg facial mask, combine one part of high-quality egg white with a half teaspoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of granulated sugar.

Gently spread the mixture evenly onto your face using a brush or makeup sponge, ensuring that you don’t spread it on other areas if you’re trying to only target your beard area.

When everything is completely dry and set, begin peeling it off from top to bottom.

Oatmeal with Banana

This combination – oat and banana – works as an effective natural alternative to shaving or waxing while nourishing the hair and providing needed moisture. Not only that, but this recipe can be used as a wonderful facial scrub too!

All you need to do is mix a banana with two spoons of oatmeal in a container-like bowl or cup. Add water until the mixture forms the consistency of thick paste. Heat the solution in the microwave for one minute.

Once cooled, apply a generous layer of paste all over your face and neck area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with water. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, use this remedy at least once a week to help soften wrinkles.


The natural ingredients above are harmless to your skin, so you can apply them without worrying about any physical pains. Remember to choose the most suitable mixture for your skin to achieve the best effectiveness.

How to stop facial hair growth male naturally? We believe that you have already got some home remedies to get rid of hair on your facial skin. If you need further information about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is always willing to help you.

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